A follow up with Eder from Youth Sunday

Back on Youth Sunday we all got to hear from Eder, a part of our Student Ministries and MMA community. We’ve asked him to expand a bit on his story. Here at FPCSA God is transforming lives and it is exciting to be a part.



Coming from the roots of flowing Aztec blood, but raised in the United States of America has been a blessing. I was brought up as catholic .There was a time where I was atheist the reason should be obvious because of all one’s eyes perceive. The road a driver must travel but in the end; God has helped understand that a straight road does not make a skilled driver. It was pointless and I felt the weighted of the world on my shoulders due to religions imposed on us that separate us, but believing in God unite us. This year I am going to be walking as a senior the last year to impress aristocrats, but every load I must carry is not just carried by me but a higher power that is God. I am a student at Santa Ana high that has been involved in the FCA since I was a freshman. Through Fellow Ship of Christian Athletes I have been growing closer to God. My eyes have been opened and are aware that we have three enemies one of those happens to be Lucifer, the world and our mere flesh that promotes decadence. God has shaped my character opposing all odds and has helped me respond instead of react to a situation.

In my times of despair and grief God has been with me. Having asked him to come into your heart up-lifts your spirits and make you feel like flying. No longer do I feel like descending in an abyss. We are all born beautiful, but we let our three enemies get to us. Having God in our heart we should not fear, nor have room for odium. With the help of both Pastor Tony and Jeremiah it is clear like seeing through a diamond that this is just an adventure that possesses decadence but we must not allow money to become our God.

I met both pastors through the FCA, once a year we travel to Newport Beach where hundreds of souls gather for the same cause. There we meet professional athletes that have God in their heart and are successful. The same ways that the athletes are successful so are my pastors they have spread the gospel and are athletes to look up to. Tony has been to state in wrestling and it is a miracle that he had it was done because of God’s help despite the tragedy that he went through. Both Pastor and Sensay Jeremiah is an ideal figure to look up to because he his actions have portrayed him as a father-figure. First of all not only does he shares the Gospel, but has given me principles to live by.

Pastor Jeremiah teaches MMA in five different disciplines. Every Tuesday and Thursday he has advanced training where we get to spar live if we have full protection. On Fridays he has pizza right after practice and he shares the gospel. On Sundays we have church for the youth where we have a session for about an hour for learning about the God’s word. Every two months we do something outside of Santa Ana. One of those events happens to be hiking, bowling and going to the beach with all the other youth.

Therefore, the moments I have spent doing underground MMA for six months have been moments that have become memories in which remain as scars on the epidermis. The reason why is because we artists live by principles one of those is respect for God, respect for others and ultimately respect for yourself .There is euphoria in ones’ soul when we are all united by God the mere impossibility seems possible and one feels peace at last; no worries ,no stress nor depression. My walk with God has been an adventure that if you ask you shall receive. God has always been with me having created my blueprints .Where I have been blessed with everything I take as an understatement that is being salutary being humble, but being rich in love .I have also been blessed by everyone that God has put in my path that has shaped my character, one of those happens to be an inspirational father figure that is Jeremiah. The person that I owe everything to is my mother that has been both father and mother. She has been mother in the way that she has disciplined me that explains why I can tolerate hits. Everyone has a walk with him but so far this is my walk that has made rivers from my eyes that flow and tranquility vast as space itself where in mine there is no darkness for he serves as the light that guides my sight.