Paul McNeff

paulName: Paul McNeff


phone: 714-630-3883 (KidSingers’ Office)

Ministry: Music and Worship

Job Title: Director of Music Ministries

Family: Wife – Beverly; 14 year old son, Jeffrey; two other adult children — son Michael and daughter Mistine; four grandchildren – Makena & Morgan McNeff; Madeleine and Pauline O’Connor

In 10 words or less…

Describe your job.

Administrating and Implementing the Ministry of Music, Choir Director and Co-Worship leader

Describe a normal day.

Daily spiritual meditations and prayer. Researching and procuring choral, instrument and handbell music used for church ministry. Preparing for, planning and directing choir rehearsals. Planning and participating in Worship services. Attending staff and Church board meetings. Collaborating with pastor and other church staff members. Phoning or texting individuals. Coordinating facility usage with church facility manager. Rehearsing music on my own for solo performance. Working with church section leaders and soloists helping them find appropriate music for ministry. Planning and organizing the church music calendar. (which anthems and solos will work for each service) Planning seasonal music for extra Christmas and Holy week services. Administrating church worship services. Collaborating with church organist and accompanist. Contracting other instrumentalists when needed for special concerts or services. Working with Bell choir.

Favorite accomplishment/project since joining FPC Santa Ana staff?

Leading worship services – Leading special concerts and musical presentations

Funniest or most embarrassing moment is ministry?

Being late for the start of Messiah Concert that I was directing due to a wrist watch that had quit because of a bad battery.

One funny thing people don’t realize about the staff?

We come from quite a variety of backgrounds and have many different tastes

Tell us your favorite story you’ve seen here at FPC Santa Ana [use more than 10 if you need to].

Funny but kind of sad — One time we had a woman in our choir start to take her clothes off during the singing of an anthem.

Favorite band?


In the next 5 years, I will….

…to the best of my ability, continue to be open to God’s leading in my life. Then, I will make sure I strive to the best of my ability, to lead in music ministry at FPCSA and my other job as Founder/Artistic Director of KidSingers – inner city Youth Chorus (based at FPCSA for the past 14 years)

The best movie of all time is obviously…

…Ben Hur

Everyone should read…

… Team of Rivals — The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin