Community That Reflects Christ

The worship services are dynamic and inspirational, celebrating both contemporary and traditional worship styles. The preaching is Biblically-based and relevant. But most importantly, Christ is seen in the genuine, warm and friendly people that make up the church. Claiming several generations, various ethnic backgrounds and different hopes, dreams and ideas, this church still feels like one family, uniting under the common sacred beliefs in the hope, love and salvation that God offers. On any given Sunday, a wealthy business person might sit in the same pew as a troubled transient who has no home; a recent immigrant from Guatemala may take communion with a member who’s been living in Santa Ana for over 50 years; and yet, all experience the same grace of Jesus Christ.

The ultimate goal in this life and in the next is living in relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate source of meaning, happiness, hope, joy, and love. FPCSA seeks to grow into His likeness, challenging and encouraging one another to deepen their faith and serve God with the purpose that He has given each individual. In 1 Corinthians 12:12, the Apostle Paul writes, “Your body has many parts – limbs, organs, cells – but no matter how many parts you can name, you’re still one body. It’s exactly the same with Christ.” (Msg) This church – with all its different parts – aims to display Jesus Christ to the seeking world.

May God richly bless you even as God blesses others through you!

In Christ’s Service & Love,

Lance E. Allen, Pastor