The Blessed Life Week 2

On Sundays at 1130a in Calvin Lounge we are continuing our series, The Blessed Life, on the Beatitudes. As you reflect on Matthew 5:4 you are encouraged to take action.

  • Consider yourself and those you know who mourn the loss of a future that will never be realized. Spend a week considering how God redeems the dreams and futures of those he loves.

  • Entire nations can lose their identity through war, exile, genocide, or poverty. Piled on top of personal loss is the loss of cultural and corporate identity. View the University of Heidelberg’s Global Conflict Panorama. Choose one of those areas to learn more about. Pray for those who are mourning in that situation.

  • Attend a hospital or home visitation with Lance or Danny.

  • Consider influential Christian leaders who are in the national spotlight because of their sin and have risked the faith of those they have taught. Spend a week praying for these leaders and for those whose faith has been threatened.

  • Ask three people what sins they feel are the most prevalent in our country. Then spend your quiet time this week interceding for our nation regarding these things.

Please join us next week as we talk about meekness.