The Blessed Life Week 3

On Sundays in Calvin Lounge we are continuing our series, The Blessed Life, on the Beatitudes. Next week we will meet at 11:45a due to a scheduling conflict with the room. As you reflect on Matthew 5:5 you are encouraged to take action.

Write a letter to a teacher, thanking him or her for being significant in your life. If the person is a college professor, go to and enter a good rating.

  • Most businesses have a night staff. Find a way to recognize their hard work. Take time to find out what kind of snack they might like, do a job or two you know is usually their responsibility, or write a letter of appreciation to both the night staff and their boss.
  • Help people carry groceries to their cars. Or spend some time in the parking lot taking carts to the cart return for shoppers.
  • Using your social network of choice, publicly praise someone else at least once a day. Better yet, praise someone toward whom you feel competitive or jealous.
  • What is your gift? Are you a brilliant carpenter? Play the piano like Mozart? Have a keen sense in finance? Whatever it is, offer your talents to help someone else—with no strings attached.

Please join us next week as we talk about righteousness.