The Blessed Life Week 4

On Sundays in Calvin Lounge we will be continuing our series, The Blessed Life, on the Beatitudes after the new year beginning on January 5th at 1130a. As you reflect on Matthew 5:6 you are encouraged to take action over the next couple weeks.

  • Take time away. Spend a night in a monastery. Limit your external distractions so you can spend time in reflection and meditation.
  • Start a freecycling program here at church or in your neighborhood. Or set up a community where people can donate things and post needs. Or set up A Trashcan Can Make a Difference. Donate the first items to get it started.
  • For one month, take notes on Sunday’s sermons as a way to ensure your focus on God’s Word for you. Even better, keep doing it after the first month.
  • Jubilee may not exist in your hometown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play an active role in the redemption of your community. Learn what issues are facing your local community council. Are there any for which you need to be present in order to speak up for divine justice?
  • Personal righteousness has direct relationship with social action. Ever wonder who is making your clothes? Often consumerism can lead to the slavery of factory workers in developing countries. This week, visit Chain Store Reaction and write an e-mail to stores about becoming slave-free. Further, research where the things in your closet come from. Check out Faces Behind the Labels.

Please join us next month as we talk about mercy.