The Blessed Life Week 5

On Sundays in Calvin Lounge we will be continuing our series, The Blessed Life, on the Beatitudes. Due to some important beginning of the year meetings our schedule is a bit erratic. As you reflect on Matthew 5:7 you are encouraged to take action over the next couple weeks.

  • We all know a moocher or someone who owes us. Forgive their debt, big or small, and forget about it. And by that we mean don’t tell them.

  • We’ve all had waiters who forgot our drinks and then vanished for 20 minutes only to then bring out cold food. Maybe he or she was having a bad day. Give a bad restaurant server a good tip

  • Go to the courthouse cashier’s line and pay someone’s traffic ticket for them.

  • Locate sex offenders who live in the area. Find out where an offender lives near your, and anonymously send that person a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Include an encouraging letter.

  • It’s easy to become skeptical of those experiencing homelessness on street corners. This month, don’t think about whether they are really homeless or not, just give. . . every time. Better yet, buy gift cards to fast food restaurants or coffee shops. Keep them in your wallet and give them out.

Please join us  Jan 19th as we talk about purity.