The Blessed Life Week 6

On Sundays in Calvin Lounge we will be continuing our series, The Blessed Life, on the Beatitudes. Due to some important beginning of the year meetings our schedule is a bit erratic. As you reflect on Matthew 5:8 you are encouraged to take action over the next couple weeks.

  • Unplug from all media activity for a week as a means to simplify your life. Instead of watching that reality show, spend time seeking God. Take it one step further: reevaluate your media choices.  Maybe there are some you should avoid or eliminate.

  • Visit your church when nobody is there. Pray in silence for the people of your community and for the struggles and addictions of both yourself and of others.

  • If you don’t already have an accountability partner, seek out a trusted friend and set up times to meet regularly. Use these times to share joys, struggles, temptations, and everyday life. One of the main reasons why God created the body of Christ was so that we could encourage and support one another through this faith journey.

  • Write a letter to God as a form of confession. View this as an open communication to God as a means of mending past wrongs. Then bury it, burn it, or throw it away to signify a pure and new start.

  • Purity doesn’t stop at the physical boundaries we set for ourselves. It also involves how we treat our bodies. You may love your fast food burger, but for one week go organic. (And not because it’s trendy.) If you want to go one step further, plant your own vegetable garden.

  • Reflect on three of your most sacred spaces or places of retreat. Your car during a long drive. Your favorite park. That nook in your house. Visit each of these three places throughout the week to refocus on God when life gets hectic

Please join us  Feb 2nd as we talk about peacemaking.