The Blessed Life Week 7

On Sundays in Calvin Lounge we will be continuing our series, The Blessed Life, on the Beatitudes. As you reflect on Matthew 5:9 you are encouraged to take action over the next couple weeks.

  • If you have trouble believing that peacemakers still exist, do some research on men and women who have received the Nobel Peace Prize. Pick one or two and reflect on the way they used their gifts to better our lives. How can you create peace with your talents?

  • It’s disheartening to view national news and feel as though you are too small and remote to have any real impact. Instead, try watching the local news as a group, and consider which of the stories you could get involved in by helping the person who is the subject.

  • Children’s author Todd Parr wrote The Peace Book, which happens to be a very clever and mature look at the different ways peace can be made in our world. Buy a copy and pick one (or more) of the book’s peace examples to focus on.

  • Chaos is a word most people have added to their vocabulary after having children. While endearing, children aren’t known as the most peaceful of all beings. Create peace in someone’s life by offering to child-sit while they go out for the night. Another option is to volunteer with Ric in the children’s ministry on Sunday. Maybe some of the “regulars” would like to hear a sermon every once in a while.

Please join us  Feb 9th as we talk about persecution and wrap up our series.