Posts from October 2020

Posts from October 2020

Daylight Savings

Dear FPCSA Family & Friends, We are CANCELING the¬†Trunk or Treat¬†event scheduled for this evening.When we scheduled the event, hospitalizations were on the decline and we had just moved to the more open tier in the state.¬† But recent news is making us more cautious.¬† And we prefer to be cautious rather than sorry.¬†Last night the city of Santa Ana sent out a message strongly discouraging gatherings at this time.¬† Hospitalizations and ICU cases from Coronavirus are currently on the…

Trunk or Treat!

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! Jesus said, “Let the children come unto Me…¬†Whoever welcomes such a one as this in My name, welcomes Me.”At the end of the weekly zoom gathering with our children, Ms. Sandra always asks if there are any prayer requests.¬† Every week, one of our children asks to pray that we have a good Halloween this year.¬† Certainly, COVID-19 has struck us all this year, but it has been especially hard on our children.¬† ¬† So FPCSA is…

New Sermon Series

Dear FPCSA Family & Friends,Tomorrow we begin a new sermon series titled, “Recapturing the Way.”¬† In recent years, the Church in the USA has lost credibility, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose.¬† We’ve lost our way!¬† How do we recapture the Way?¬† Tune in tomorrow at 10A on our FPCSA Facebook page as we begin to explore how we can recapture the Way.¬† Hope to “see” tomorrow in church!Soli Deo Gloria!