Name: Lance Allen
phone: 714.542.7253 (xt. 301)
Ministry: the Church
Job Title: Pastor (Senior/Lead Pastor, Head of Staff, Big Kahuna, whatever…)
Family: 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter

In 10 words or less…

Describe your job.

Oversight of the ministry and worship of the congregation.

Describe a normal day.

Study, preparation for worship &/or Bible studies, meetings with staff, individuals &/or groups, written & oral communication.

Favorite accomplishment/project since joining FPC Santa Ana staff?

Seeing the growth of ministry to the Spanish speaking population of Santa Ana and diverse multicultural membership.

Funniest or most embarrassing moment is ministry?

I was baptizing a baby who reacted to the cold water by jerking back and I almost dropped him.

One funny thing people don’t realize about the staff?

With the exception of the myself and the custodian, every staff member is part time; so coordinating schedules when we can all meet is darn-near impossible!

Tell us your favorite story you’ve seen here at FPC Santa Ana [use more than 10 if you need to].

I think it’s more than one story, but it’s the countless number of individuals who are transformed by the power of God’s Word.  There’s the man in his 80s who is reading through the Bible for the first time in his life.  There’s the woman in her 70s who had grown up in the church, gone to church her whole life, even worked on the church staff, who I ordained for the first time as a ruling elder.  There’s the young mom in my office with tears in her eyes, saying God was walking with her during this difficult season in her life.  There’s the high school student who went to our Summer Surf Camp, stood on a board for the first time and later asked Jesus into his heart.  There’s the child in our after-school program, singing “Jesus Loves Me” in English and Spanish and using sign language.  These stories of transformation get me excited about the ministry here at FPC Santa Ana.

Favorite band?

Camel (English progressive band)

A close 2nd would be U2

In the next 5 years, I will….

Be 5 years older.

The best movie of all time is obviously…

“Camelot” (the musical).

Everyone should read…
the Bible (c’mon, I’m the pastor; I have to say that)

After that, I’ll go with The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis