Connection | The Underground

Connection | The Underground

As I approach the one month anniversary of coming on as interim youth director here at FPCSA and being able to talk with parents, students and church staff it’s exciting to see the vision starting to take shape.

Connection. That’s the one word vision.

We connect with Jesus. Through participation in Sunday service in English or Spanish, through devotionals and in collaboration with family the Underground is helping students find way to connect with Jesus. Students and their families are encouraged to download the Bible App and find a reading plan to do on their own or together.

We connect our talents with service opportunities around the church. Through surveys and conversations we are finding ways to help students plug in and connect throughout the church. When students take leadership roles in the church, they play an active role in its future and that helps connect us all. Students are encouraged to fill out this survey to get started.

We connect with adults in the church. We are working on ways to build up relationships intergenerationally. When students know that people in the church care about them that helps to solidify their connection to the church. Having friends you see on Sunday, knowing people are in your corner, having trusted adults to reach out to for advice… All these things will help our students grow in their love for our church and help them on their spiritual journey. Interested adults should fill out this form.

We connect with each other. Fun hang out times, parties, activities… Our students, like so many others throughout the world right now, have been lacking opportunities to connect with each other. We are working to put together a longer term calendar but right now, we are committed to providing at least one “student only” connection point per month, in addition to helping students connect with each other at other events throughout the church by serving together. The church calendar is always available here on our website. Students can get more details and rsvp for events in the app or online.