Director of Hispanic Ministry Position

Director of Hispanic Ministry Position

We’re looking for a Director of Hispanic Ministry


The Director of Hispanic Ministry (DHM) will work as a member of a pastoral team to provide spiritual leadership and Biblical education for the members and friends of FPCSA. Specifically, he/she will provide leadership and support for the members and friends of the Spanish speaking ministry. He/she will work with the Hispanic Ministry Committee (HMC) to coordinate and implement ministry opportunities in the Hispanic Ministry, our church, the community and throughout the world.

The Director of Hispanic Ministry reports to the Pastor (Head of Staff) with accountability to:

  1. the Session;
  2. the Personnel Committee; and,
    3 the Hispanic Ministry Committee (HMC).

This individual will have a strong, personal faith in Jesus Christ; will adhere to the essential tenets of the church as outlined in Scripture, the Book of Confessions, and the mission of this particular congregation; will have a strong love for God’s people, especially for those in the Hispanic community; prefer a minimum of a Masters in theological studies; prefer an ordained/licensed pastor (in a Reformed faith); will be a self-starter, an organized planner, a clear communicator, a team player, and a dynamic leader; will have a fluent, verbal/written skill level of both English & Spanish; will have basic computer skills in Microsoft Word and other commonly used software; will actively participate in the life of the congregation as a whole.

The position of Director of Hispanic Ministry (DHM) is a part -time, exempt, salaried position involving an average of 15 hours a week.
The responsibilities include:

  1. Personal – maintain an active, disciplined spiritual life;
  2. Specific – fulfill the specific responsibilities of a pastor outlined in the PCUSA Book of Order G-2.0504;
  3. Specific – Develop a healthy, balanced ministry to the Spanish speaking members and friends of FPCSA;
  4. Specific – Serve as a bridge-builder between the Spanish speaking and the non-Spanish speaking members and friends of FPCSA;
  5. Specific – Lead the Spanish speaking ministry with preaching (a minimum of 42 Sundays a year), teaching and celebrating the sacraments;
  6. Budget – with the HMC, manage budget for area of Hispanic Ministries and recommend budget changes for the coming year;
  7. Communication – working with the church staff and particularly Church Administrator, coordinate all communications for Hispanic Ministry;
  8. Worship – shall oversee all areas of worship
     Choice and reading of scriptures;
     Proclamation of the word;
     Music in concurrence with the Hispanic Worship team;
     Lay leadership;
     Celebration of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper; and,
     Assist in English worship on an as needed, as available, basis.
  9. Report – write monthly reports for session and an annual report for the year to be published in the congregation’s annual report.

The DHM works with several teams:

  1. Supervisor – meet individually at least once a month with the Pastor (Head of Staff);
  2. Supervise –supervise the following paid employee: Hispanic Worship Director;
  3. Staff – attend monthly Calendar Staff and monthly Program Staff meetings;
  4. Session – report to session and serve as a resource to session on an as needed, as available basis, with at least one scheduled presentation annually;
  5. Committees – HMC – serve as staff liaison and resource;
  6. Volunteers – supervise volunteers in Hispanic Ministry.

Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Pastor (Head of Staff) and reviewed by the personnel committee. The performance reviews will follow the guidelines outlined in the personnel policies of this church. The position description, working conditions, benefits, and salary will be reviewed and reported to the session by the personnel committee before the end of every calendar year.

If God is nudging you to consider this opportunity, please contact Pastor Lance (714) 542-7253 or send your resume to

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