Good News. Bad News.

Good News. Bad News.

Dear FPCSA Family & Friends,

What’s the old saying?  “I have some good news and I have some bad news.”  While that is often times the beginning of a joke, today it is a little more serious.

Let me begin with the good news.  Our dear sister and friend, Norma Galeana, has finally received her residency.

Norma Galeana

She is now here in the United States as a legal resident.  As most of you know, Norma fell into the DACA generation, having been brought to the United States when she was a child.  She has been a member of our congregation, served on session, and worked with our youth.  We’ve been praying for her for many, many years and this is exciting news, indeed!

And now for the bad news: Our dear friend and sister, the Rev. Leanne Strommen, is at Mission Hospital receiving specialized care for COVID-19.

Leanne Strommen

Leanne served as the associate pastor here at FPCSA from 2003 to 2005 (she was ordained to this position).  We have fond memories of her, as well as her husband, Kevin, and their son, Noah.  She is currently the pastor of Community Presbyterian Church in San Juan Capistrano.  Kevin has also been admitted to the hospital and Noah (who is now 21) is sick at home.  Please pray for the Strommen family in this time of need.

And please let me know if you, or any of your loved ones, get sick.  I believe in the power of prayer and we want to continue to pray for those in need.

All of us are dealing with the current global crisis in our own ways.  FPCSA is seeking to remain connected with Jesus Christ and with each other through our FPCSantaAna facebook page:

I am live streaming sermons on Sunday morning and devotionals on Wednesday afternoons; those can be watched at any time.  We’re going to try something different this coming Wednesday (4/1) at 5:00 p.m.  We’ll try a “group” Bible study using the Zoom app; that way we can see and interact with each other.  I’ll send a link to you at the beginning of the week.  And you can join the group at 5:00 p.m.  You do not need to have an account or have the app, but it is a little easier if you do.

Xander is doing exciting things for the youth, but also for the whole church; for eaxmple, on “Wacky” Wednesdays they’re doing online board games that you can do and actually see the people you are playing with.  Feel free to join in (see details on the facebook page).  Sandra is also sending fun activities for children and is creating a private group on facebook for the children’s ministry here at FPCSA.  You must request and be admitted to join this group.  Our Sanctuary Singers section leaders will be uploading performances and favorite worship songs on the FPCSantaAna facebook page, as well.  Doing all things to the glory of God and to the benefit of one another.

One concern for all of us is financial.  Churches across the country are experiencing the domino effect of the financial crisis.  FPCSA is no different.  But in spite of the crisis, FPCSA is committed to maintaining the salaries of our employees, because we care for and value them.  The federal government is sending some relief.  Since my salary is intact at this time, I commit to you all that any assistance I might receive from the federal government will go directly to First Presbyterian Church Santa Ana.  You may continue to send your tithes and offerings by check to the church through the US mail.  We are also working to launch online giving.

Terrie Park is doing better.  She now has a gently used television set.  Special thanks to the donor.

One final note, I’ll be trying to do the e-News from my home in the days ahead.  Please note, that April 5th is Palm Sunday and it is also a Communion Sunday.  The PCUSA has provided guidelines for churches to continue to celebrate the Lord’s Supper during these times.  I have recorded a video that will be uploaded to our FPCSantaAna facebook page the morning of April 5th so that you might celebrate communion where you are.  Xander will be doing the message that morning and then you can watch the video and celebrate the sacrament at home.  Do your best to have bread and wine or juice ready for that celebration.

I hold you all in my prayers!  Please do not hesistate contact me at any time: 714) 788-1920.

Be safe.  Be still and know that God is God.  And be at peace.

In Christ’s love & service,

Lance Allen, Pastor