Mother’s Day & Updates

Mother’s Day & Updates

Dear FPCSA family & friends,

This Sunday is. . . . . MOTHER’S DAY!
For the past few years, we have taken time in the worship service to invite people to speak about their moms, give tribute, or share memories.  This Sunday will be a little different.  But here is the solution.  Write a tribute to your mom, copy it, and when the service starts, paste it into the comments.  I will read it during our worship time together.  If you have a photo of your mom that you would like to include, that would be awesome!

There’s a lot of talk about re-opening the state and what that looks like for churches.  The CDC recommends a two-week downturn in cases before re-opening.  My friend, a double-PhD, who is an expert in analytics says case numbers are not an accurate indicator.  The number of deaths is the best indicator of how the disease is affecting a region.  The second best indicators are hospitalizations and current ICU numbers.  I’ve been monitoring these numbers on the website.  As of today, the hospitalizations are 186 in our county.  The highest number has been 200.  So we have not seen a major downturn as of yet, nor a consistent one.  So I’m not ready to re-open FPCSA.  
Another factor is that churches are not geared for social-distancing.  We shake hands, we sing, we pass the peace, we receive the offering (passing the plate), we administer the Lord’s Supper.  Singing is of particular concern.  As a former choir director, I remember wiping the spit off my face after a particularly exuberant piece.  Singing projects the droplets that carry the disease.  At the beginning of the crisis (end of March), a 60-voice choir rehearsed in Washington State; after the rehearsal, 2/3rds of the members became sick and 2 died from COVID-19.  We need to think about what steps we’ll take before re-opening.

Having said that, I miss church!  I miss you!!!  I want to gather together, but I value your health and well-being more than I value my personal wishes and desires.    
So for now, we’ll wait.  I don’t see returning to our FPCSA campus before June 1 and it could be much later.  And when we do, we’ll need to have specific guidelines in place.  The good thing for us…  We’ve been practicing social-distancing in our sanctuary for a few years now!  We’re way ahead of that curve!!!  😂
If you missed it in the news, the United Presbyterian Church building behind Jack in the Box, a block east of FPCSA, burned down early this morning.  I think the congregation moved out of that building in the 50s or 60s to become Trinity United Presbyterian Church Santa Ana on 17th and Prospect.  The building has been abandoned for about 15 years. Learn More Here

I look forward to “seeing” you all on Sunday.  Don’t forget your tributes to moms!
In Christ’s love & service,
Rev. Dr. Lance E. Allen, D. MinFirst Presbyterian Church Santa Ana

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