We are family

We are family

Dear FPCSA Family & Friends,

We started a month ago into uncharted waters.  And now we are in Holy Week in uncharted waters.  I was scheduled to be in Moloka’i this week.  That trip was initially postponed and now has been cancelled.  Sofia had planned to fly from Colombia to here on Monday, April 4th.  That trip has been postponed indefinitely.  Life has certainly changed!

And if someone had told me a month ago we would be doing a Zoom Maundy Thursday service, I would have said, “What’s Zoom?!?”

But here we are. 

Fill out our the connection card and mention in the comments that you’d like the link to join us for this, or any of our zoom calls.

That’s the thing tonight.  We are family.  And we’re not going to come at you with production, but with thoughtful worship in the context of community.  About the only thing I’m going to do to set a mood is light a fire in the fireplace (haven’t done that for quite a while).

If you plan to join us, please find a nice, peaceful, comfortable spot.  Have bread and cup ready (dark juice or wine is fine).  If you’d like to light a candle to symbolize the presence of Jesus Christ, then do so.  Because the internet opens the doors to people we might not normally see, we may be surprised by who comes to the Upper Room this night.

On a positive note, we received word from Kevin Strommen that Leanne is improving.  Thanks be to God!  She’s been off the ventilator for 24 hours now and breathing on her own.  She’s communicating with family and friends.  I’m sure she will feel very odd to find out what has happened to church and society since she got sick.  If she continues to improve, she’ll be able to leave the ICU tomorrow.

Keep praying for her and for all those who have been hit by this terrible disease.  A pastor I befriended in New York City last May has lost 6 people in his congregation; the youngest is 12.  In Your mercy, Lord, hear our prayers….

Keep your eyes on our FPCSA facebook page tomorrow (Good Friday) as the Overpecks have put together a special Stations of the Cross through Downtown Santa Ana video using original video clips and voices from our church family.

And on Resurrection Sunday we’ll have several opportunities to connect via facebook: FPCSantaAna.  Ms Sandra will do something special for children.  Xander will do something special for the youth.  And I will be providing a message of hope and encouragement from our sanctuary.  If you are not on facebook, I encourage you to set up a profile, even if you only do so to connect with your church family.

Hang in there.  Keep the faith.  And know that God is with you.

Hope to see you tonight!

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