Saint City Session

Saint City Session

The next urban arts outreach will meet on the third Saturday at 4:00 p.m. Stop by the Underground to join in this community outreach. Everyone is welcome for a time of hip-hop music, dancing, and art. Contact Scott Overpeck if you have any questions,

What is Saint City?  

Saint City is an urban arts outreach program that partners with FPCSA. Through hip-hop music, dancing, and art, we connect and impact our local communities.

Who is it led by?

Scott Overpeck is the coordinator for Saint City Session.

When Does It Meet? 

Saint City Sessions are monthly and open to the public.

Is It Right For Me? If you’re looking to mingle and get in touch with your artsy side, then join us for our sessions. If interested, contact Scott by filling out the form below.

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